Become a DistributorKelley is proud to present to you the most dynamic and rewarding sales rep opportunity in the sports industry! Imagine working with a company that has the best products in the industry, the best prices in the industry, and a solid career path with limitless opportunity. We have set up a sales rep program that gives individuals like you the opportunity to start a business for as little as $800. There is no better opportunity to reach your financial goals simply by being a part of the game you love!
How Does the Program Work?
As a Kelley Sales Rep, you will have multiple avenues to income. You can make your business as large or as small as you wish. These avenues to income include:

  • Selling the products via traditional methods*:
    -  Selling & promoting at baseball, fastpitch or softball tournaments
    -  Selling & promoting to local leagues
    -  Selling to local club teams (especially team bags)
    -  Visiting and selling to local high schools
    -  Creating an email and mailing list
  • Selling the products via your Kelley Web Site (Kelley fulfills orders for you)

*This information is to serve as basic ideas/avenues for marketing your products. 

The standard Rep Discount starts at 20%.

As a Kelley Sales Rep, you will receive product discounts of 20-40% depending on the item.  This wholesale discount is taken from the Kelley list price.  For example, on an Elevation Series glove, which we list for $179, your price will be $125.30 (30% discount). The core items that we carry have a discount of 30% which includes gloves, bats, bat bags, catcher’s equipment, helmets, batting gloves and wristbands. We also have a few items that have a 40% discount, which includes our Optics and our Glovolution. In addition, all apparel which includes custom hats and uniforms has a discount of 20%.  
After you come on board, Kelley can provide you with extensive knowledge on methods for selling our products. Over the past 15 years Kelley has built a solid reputation by attending tournaments, dealing with youth and adult organizations (attending sign-ups & opening days), visiting with high school baseball and softball coaches, building mailing lists etc… These are simply a few ways you could reach out to the players in your area. Our staff becomes 100% available to you for rep mentoring and development. 



  • Initial $100 Rep Activation Fee and Initial $700 Product Purchase requirement.
  • All orders will be paid up-front via credit or debit card. Kelley does not extend terms or ship via C.O.D... We recommend that sales-reps obtain a credit card to use solely for Kelley purchases - this in essence gives you the ability to manage your purchases and time of payment.
  • Kelley does not allow you to buy team items as your sole initial order. For example, buying a set of team bat bags or team uniforms would not count as an initial order. You can include this as part of your initial order if you purchase $300 in additional inventory (i.e. gloves, bats, sunglasses).
  • Kelley Sales Reps are not permitted to sell other items that compete directly with Kelley products. For example, you would not be able to sell another glove line or bat line. However, Sales-Reps can carry items that Kelley does not currently manufacture.
  • Reps should maintain an active status by purchasing a minimum of $250 every 120 days (this requires minimal effort). If a rep becomes inactive, he/she will lose rep discount and commission privileges until being re-activated.
  • Drop Shipment orders will be accepted by Sales-Reps for shipment to their customers direct. This will be done on a limited basis only as reps should attempt to maintain a viable inventory.
  • Sales-Reps should establish relations with Leagues, Schools, Teams, Complexes and Park & Recreation Departments in their area.
  • Sales-Reps must get approval from Kelley USA before any product can be discounted below Kelley retail price. Failure to do so can result in an immediate termination
  • Use of Kelley logos must be approved by Kelley first. In addition, any self created ads, flyers etc... MUST be approved by Kelley first before use.
  • Kelley USA will handle all returns from customers with damaged products. Sales-Reps can not authorize returns under any circumstances or replace damaged products. However, all exchanges on new items will be handled directly by the Sales-Rep.
  • There will be no returns or exchanges from Sales-Reps unless an item is received as damaged. Damaged items must be reported to Kelley USA within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Sales-Reps shall NOT develop or utilize an existing web site for Kelley product sales/promotion unless authorized by Kelley. In addition, Kelley prohibits the sell of Kelley products to online retailers. Kelley also prohibits the sell of Kelley items on eBay or other auction sites. Kelley will develop a fully integrated e-commerce site for sales-reps to use in promotions/sales at a cost of $500 (payment plan available).
  • Sales-Reps are not guaranteed a territory. We believe that the domination of your area can be obtained via hard work. The earlier you participate in our program, the greater the opportunity you have to make contacts and build relations in your area. Your success will depend on the development of these good relationships. 


Time & Products:

The amount of time involved is basically up to you! Most of our current sales reps have full time jobs and simply work a few evenings and primarily on weekends. Because a lot of our reps also have kids that play- they see it as a great opportunity to make a few dollars while they are at the ballpark. From our past experience, an average tournament or game day should bring in $1,200-$2,000 which means you’d roughly make $500-$700 for the tournament. If you simply went to 10 tournaments a year, you could add an additional $5,000 to $7,000 to your yearly income (that’s not including visits with high schools or additional organizations). You are capable of earning $10k to $15k+ per year with a minimal effort. Most will earn much more!
What Will I Be Selling?
Well, that’s a good question that actually has two answers. The first answer is: 

1. Kelley has a potent line of products that are the best in the industry.  We simply won't add something to our product line unless it is the best.  Our current line of products includes:

  • N Fuego Baseball Bats, Wood Bats in both Ash & Maple
  • Composite N.Fuego Fastpitch and Slowpitch Bats
  • Baseball Gloves (Fifteen, Black, Smooth, Elevation, ProLine, Century, Galaxy, NXG)
  • Fastpitch Gloves (Fifteen, Black, Smooth, Goddess, G-Lyte, Elevation, ProLine, Century, Galaxy)
  • Softball Gloves (Fifteen, Black, Smooth, Elevation, ProLine, Century, Galaxy
  • Kelley Equalbalance Bracelets and Necklaces
  • Kelley Titanium Bracelets and Necklaces
  • Kelley Team Apparel / Uniforms / Custom Hats
  • Catcher's Equipment (Coolmax enriched - Hockey Style Helmets, Chest Protectors, Leg Guards, Knee Shocks)
  • Equipment Bags (XL Roller, Roller, Carry, Back Pack)
  • Sports Optics (Upheavel, Temper, Onslaught, Fume, Vex, Hyper3)
  • Batting Gloves (RX7)
  • Kelley Practice Glove
  • Kelley Arm Sleeve
  • Wristbands (3", 5", 1")
  • Fastpitch Sliders/Knee Pads
  • Glovolution Glove Formula
  • Batter's Helmets

2. Now, here’s the second answer to the question… Nothing! You will not have to sell anything because our products basically sell themselves. The feel of our products is unsurpassed and provides instant product credibility! Customers can “feel” the difference. Just wait and you’ll see what we mean! 


Available locations:

Kelley reserves the right to choose where a rep might locate and call.  But in general, all locations across the United States and in other countries are open to distributors.


Getting Started:

Getting Started with the Kelley Sales Rep Program is quick and easy.  If you have questions at any time during the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-95-KELLEY. Follow the steps below to get the process going today:

1.     Decide you want to do it.  We present a great opportunity, but it's not for everyone.  You must have the desire to be successful with it.  That's what we mean by "Decide you want to do it".

2.     Rep Agreement Form.  The second step is to Print, Fill-in, Sign, and Fax or Mail this Kelley Rep Agreement Form.  Information on where to fax/mail the form can be found on the form. Send to attn: Shane Kelley.

3.     Review, Activation and Account Creation.   After you send your Rep Agreement, we will follow up to make sure you are a good fit for this program.  After a favorable review, we will work with you to establish your rep account. 

4.     The Final step to getting started is to place your First Order.  After you have completed steps 2 and 3, you will be able to place your first order. 

After you become a Kelley Sales Rep, you will be able to place additional orders as needed.  Additional orders can be placed online using a username and password, or you can simply call and place your order with a Kelley Representative.

The bottom line is that Kelley Athletic has designed a unique program with unlimited potential for individuals who would like to be a part of the baseball / softball industry. Kelley has built an established brand that stands for top-quality and the assurance that customers are purchasing the best equipment. Using a direct marketing approach, Kelley is able to expand its presence and offer distinctive programs. Furthermore, Kelley offers the most affordable and competitive products in the industry. The Kelley motto is "Improving Player Performance", but we’re also changing the way people buy products.  We hope that you decide to be a part of it!

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